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Storytelling Professionals

Career at Masali

Welcome to our career section at MASALI, where we believe in the transformative power of storytelling and co-creating with our network. We are not just a PR agency – we are a collective of passionate storytellers who bring brands to life through compelling narratives.

At the heart of everything we do is the art of storytelling. We understand that in today’s fast-paced world, connecting with audiences requires more than just delivering information. It requires capturing their hearts and minds, creating an emotional connection that leaves a lasting impression.

As a member of our team, you will have the opportunity to shape brands through the power of storytelling as well as public & influencer relations and social media. We believe that stories have the ability to inspire, provoke and ignite change.

  • Whether it’s crafting captivating press releases,
  • developing engaging social media campaigns,
  • or orchestrating unforgettable events,
  • you will be at the forefront of creating narratives that resonate with our clients and their audiences.
We are dedicated to fostering a creative and collaborative environment that encourages innovation and growth. As part of our team, you will have the freedom to explore your ideas, push boundaries, and continuously evolve your craft. We value diversity and believe that different perspectives enrich our storytelling capabilities, enabling us to connect with a wide range of audiences.
Welcome to Masali

Open Positions

Remember when you were a kid, and someone read you your favourite story? This feeling of awe and joy is what we crave!
Storytelling Lies in our DNA.