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Storytelling Professionals

your craft!
Ours is PR with a Focus
on storytelling.

And what exactly do we mean by that? We identify your inherent and journalistically relevant stories, verify their significance on the market via data-driven trend in-sights, and tell them to your communities. To do this, we develop strategies and storylines, initiate brand, artists and media cooperations and create content for your brand communication, press & influencer relations and social media. Everything is tailor-made. Storytelling is our tool & language to help people and brands connect on digital, analogue, and live platforms. Storytelling is the foundation of our craft.
Co-Creating Communication
At Masali, we live and breathe storytelling as a value- & solution-oriented approach. We work closely with your management, product, design and marketing teams to highlight the significant potential of your business, brands, and products.
At Masali, we live and breathe storytelling as a value- & solution-oriented approach. We work closely with your management, product, design and marketing teams to highlight the significant potential of your business, brands, and products.

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100% human | co-creators | tech & trend enthusiasts | storytelling experts
| communication crafters | drawn to a good laugh | a team with a global mindset & a network of creative minds | lovers of nature, culture clash & spaces that let you breathe.

The power of stories

When was the last time you had the pleasure of experiencing a story well told? Especially in marketing and PR? A narrative that captivates and won’t let go. Let us share a not so secret secret with you: It’s always the stories that don’t come easy for the protagonists that move us. It gets us all when someone experiences injustice, when a Eureka moment brings catharsis to life, when – poetically spoken – the forces of light and darkness struggle against one another and love wins. Good stories are a blueprint of life. This applies to telling a friend about your day and brand communication alike. Always.

Remember when you were a kid, and someone read you your favourite story? This feeling of awe and joy is what we crave!


Welcome to Masali – a platform for curiosity, meaningful stories and co-created brand communication. My name is Stephanie, and I first came into contact with storytelling as a marketing tool in 2004 when I interned at HUGO BOSS, Inc. in New York. There I met a dear friend who worked in the footwear design studios at Nike at the time. He told me about this fantastic old-new technique called storytelling. All the designers and communication experts participating in storytelling workshops were just going crazy about it.
I listened carefully. It sparked a deeply rooted interest because I was very much into dramaturgy, acting and the works of Lee Strasberg back at the time. So much so that I wanted to work in the theatre and film industry myself – telling stories. At that time, I had already gained my first experience in marketing. The repetitive, uniform processes and frequently superficial messages didn’t pick me up, whereas brands with compelling stories and stringent communication kept me enthralled. I saw firsthand what communication can achieve and change.
My friend’s anecdote about storytelling workshops at Nike marked a turning point in my professional career. From that moment on, I embarked on a journey to combine my passion for stage and story arcs with that for brand communication. Since then, I have dedicated my professional interest to authentic and relevant narratives. For almost 20 years, this “ancient-new” principle of human communication has been with me and has never let me down. And it’s certainly never bored me, either!
When I had the opportunity to start my own company in late 2011, I put “storytelling professionals” to the forefront – and it’s been our tagline ever since. Paying tribute to the changing times and mindsets, we added »co-created communication« to reflect our belief in the importance of working closely together – with our clients & our curious and dedicated network. After all, the best stories are created together.

To stay on top of the game, we verify the significance of all brand narratives and measurements via data-driven trend insights before telling them to your communities.

Let’s see what story the future holds for us. Although one thing is clear – we write it together. So feel free to reach out to me.

Yours, Stephanie Speckmann

PS: One question keeps coming up & I like to give an answer to: What does “Masali” actually mean? Our company name was scrabbled in the first step from my favorite letters. It was important to me that it had a distinctive, energetic and strong character. What I didn’t know then – a wonderful coincidence – is that it means “story” or “fairy tale” in fascinating cultures like Turkey. The word is also known in Persian: here, the meaning is best described as something that serves as a good example or role model. In a broader sense, “masali” refers to a person’s beliefs, attitudes, or behaviors considered exemplary or worthy of emulation. In this sense, Thank you, universe!
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We call ourselves lucky to work and have worked with various clients and industries:
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Our storytelling expertise allows us to master communication projects in many
shapes and sizes. We focus on:
  • Communication concepts
  • Public Relations
  • Influencer Relations
  • Social Media
  • Live Communication
  • Media, Brand & Artist Cooperation
  • Format & Content Creation
  • Live Communication in close
    cooperation with event professionals
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& Mazda Motor Germany

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Giving back a good read

Masali Charity
Here at Masali, we believe that the ability of every child, teenager, and adult to be able to read adds value to our culture in Germany. Therefore, we want to share the joy of reading by supporting the “Stiftung Lesen” and the nationwide “Vorlesetag” in Berlin/Brandenburg.
Storytelling Lies in our DNA.