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Masali for Aiya – The Tea

Food & Beverages
The Brand
  • Over 130-year-old family-owned Matcha and Green Tea brand from Japan.
  • The brand stands out because of its premium quality. aiya – The Tea only produces natural, organic, and high quality matcha based on their strong values and high ethics. They are also committed to fighting against fake matcha in the market.
The Task
  • Develop a PR strategy for the German market, focusing solely on high-class publications and thus helping aiya – The Tea become the talk of the town among tea brands. Boost awareness.
The Approach
  • The authentic, true story, the high ethos, the outstanding premium products and the captivating mood & food/beverage images of the brand helped to secure a strong outcome in only a little time.
  • Press relations in the GAS markets for lifestyle & trade media
  • Exclusive press events, incl. a press trip to the aiya HQ in Japan or a matcha tea ceremony in Hamburg
  • Interview arrangements with the German CEO and “Tee-papst” Thomas Grömer
Aiya harvest

Our Work

  • Lifestyle PR Media Office Germany
  • Press Incentive to Japan
  • Tea Ceremony
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